Misty at PCA Regionals 9/2013

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, J H, WCX, SH achieved her first AKC Master Hunter pass at PCA Regionals 9/21/2013.  read more

Titan Stopping at Whislte at Hunt Test

MHR, WR, SR Titan, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved his Master Hunting Retriever title with NAHRA on 3/17/12, making him the second poodle in history to attain that level of proficiency. read more

Focused Misty

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved her AKC Senior Hunter title on 4/29/12. read more

Focused Misty

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved her NAHRA Working Retriever title on 12/10/2011. read more


MHR, WR, SR Titan, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved his NAHRA Working Retriever title on 1/16/11. read more

Titan Running at Big 5 Competition

MHR, WR, SR Titan, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved his AKC Senior Hunter title on 5/02/10, making him the 24th Standard Poodle in history to have attained this honor. read more

Misty Sent to Retrieve

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved her NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever title on 4/18/10. read more



Other titles and awards on our dogs are displayed on our Titles page.





HUNTING (Cont'd):

Focused Misty

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH achieved her NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever title on 3/18/2012, making her the 3rd poodle in history to attain that level of proficiency with NAHRA. read more

Rommel Returning Duck

SR Rommel, WC, JH earned his Working Certificate. He also earned his AKC Junior Hunter title on 2/11/2012, sweeping all four tests.  read more

Rommel Thinking About Returning Duck

SR Rommel, WC, JH earned two passes toward his NAHRA Started Retriever title on 1/15-1/16/2011 and the last two passes on 3/12-3/13/11. read more

Bear awaits direction during training

Nat'l/Int'l CH SR Bear, CGC, WC achieved her NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever title, sweeping the 4 tests she was entered in. She completed her title at just 13 months of age. These wins qualified her for the NAHRA Started Brass Band award. read more

Naked Misty Receiving Award

MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH placed 4th in a Big 5 Singles competition on 11/06/10. read more


Champion Tule

Nat'l/Int'l Puppy CH Tule took 2 Best of Breed Puppy Awards and 1 Reserve Group Best Puppy at the IABCA Conformation Show 3/10-3/11/12. read more

Champion Cali

Int'l CH Cali achieved her UCI International Championship on 3/10-3/11/2012, winning Best of Breed Bred By Exhibitor 3 times. read more


Harmony Mountain Hunting Pudels

Home of the Masters!

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9 Things You May Not Know About Poodles

Our Mission:

To share with others the joy of owning, hunting, and competing (in any venue) with one of the most versatile and intelligent of dogs. To accomplish this, we are committed to doing our best to breed poodles (aka "pudels") with the genetic health, physical strength, structure, and mental soundness necessary to avoid a complete loss of the very characteristics that have made them popular in the field, water, other competitive and fun venues, and as companions. Thus, we have carefully selected our breeding stock to blend dogs with retrieve drives, proper temperament and health, and those with structural qualities which will enable them to work without injury.

While approximately 40% of our puppies' purchasers buy them solely as companions, we take our goals seriously and have immersed ourselves in the training (ours and the dogs) that will prove to a world where survival hunting has nearly vanished, that retrievers' instincts haven't (even those of the forgotten retrievers, like the standard poodle). We are committed to continuing to learn new methods of training bird dog(s). We enjoy (really revel) in working with and watching all retrievers do exactly what they were designed for--retrieving birds. This love has resulted in multiple Master Hunter poodles for our kennel.

Please contact us at if you are interested in a pup.

Poodles vs. Other Retrievers:

The main reason we chose a poodle was allergies. We have a severely-asthmatic daughter who changed our lives. We owned a pair of Labrador Retrievers when she was young who eventually had to be confined to one room in our home or outside--not the life we wanted for our furry family members. Upon their passings, we were determined to find a breed that could follow us to any room in our home without wreaking havoc with her allergies.

You read a lot about the poodle plague (aka an addiction to poodles). I think we all grow up seeing poodles in funny haircuts which, quite frankly, make them look like anything but a sporting dog. So how could someone get obsessed with something so funny looking? It's easy!

Underneath all of that hair, is a dog that will consume you with its versatility, intelligence, and loyalty. (The irony in the Continental cut, i.e., the funny haircut, is that it was created to protect vital organs and joints on the waterfowl retrieving poodle; yet, those shown in today's "modified" Continental cut are shown in conformation, not field or water.) The historically-correct cut was first described by Gervase Markham in 1621 (in the original waterfowl retriever training manual). The longevity of the cut, whether "original" or "modified," is a good sign that it isn't going anywhere. The good news for you, however, is that the choice of haircuts is yours once you own a poodle.

Here's a picture of our Moshe, taken 7/09/2014 on his way to water train. He was shaven head-to-toe with a #10 blade. We think that even naked, he is quite handsome.

Moshe 7-2014

Why Placed in AKC's Non-Sporting Group?

Since just dabbling in history is not always enough, here's more. Poodles were placed in AKC's "Non-Sporting" category because they make wonderful companions, not because they don't have the brains, endurance, strength, or temperament necessary to compete in sporting events (our dogs are proof of that). If Standard poodles weren't viewed as the same breed as their smaller cousins (i.e., toys and miniatures), it is possible that they would have a different placement.

Adding to the problem is the fact that poodles with long coats tend to pick up every sticker, cocklebur, etc., that they run or swim near. This caused them to lose favor with hunters once short-coated retrievers were developed. It was the belief years ago that long coats on poodles were necessary for warmth, and lacking neoprene vests, that may have been true THEN. This is a different time. Keeping a hunting or field poodle in a shorter coat makes them no more susceptible to stickers and burrs than a lab, golden or any other retriever, and the advantage is that they don't shed (imagine how nice that is).

We hope that their group placement will be changed at some point, but I would think we are far from that day since there is such a small number of poodles who have even been entered in hunt tests to prove their merit to the powers-to-be with the Poodle Club of America (the governing agency for AKC). We hope to one day be a part of history by participating in our beloved poodles' rightful placement in the Sporting Group.

Why Harmony Mountain in the Name?

We own 20 acres at the foothills of the Harmony Mountains in Southern Utah (near Cedar City). This property will serve as our future home and training facility. (The background picture on some pages was taken from our Utah property.) The background photo on the home page (of our very feminine and loveable Bear in early training), and on many other pages were taken at Powers Butte Wildlife Area in Arlington, Arizona by David S. Cantor Photography: Many other pictures on our site were also taken in Arizona by David Cantor.

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