UKC MBIMBS GRCH Romeo's Solo Del Belcanto Allegro, CHIC

Allegro Wins MBIMBS

Brief Biography of Allegro:

DOB 9/20/2004

Height 24 inches; Weight 55 lbs

OFA Verification (CHIC 30497)


Coat Color: BbEe

(Allegro is black, but carries the cream and brown genes--he has produced all 3 colors)

10-Generation COI is 1.2% and 15-year is 5.2%. What is COI? % Wycliffe is 25.23% per PHR. What is % Wycliffe? Allegro's sire was imported from Belgium and his dam was carefully bred to have low inbreeding. Thus, he satisfies our desire to help improve the diversity found within our breed for the sake of health.

Our selection of Allegro as a sire for Bear came about with an eye toward health and temperament first; then we looked at other desired traits and determined that he is a perfect match for our happy, energetic girl.

He is an average-sized, brawny boy with a well-developed chest who has produced beautiful pups in black, brown and white/cream. He is not brown as the left, headshot picture might lead you to believe. That picture was taken at Sunset and it cast a different lighting over him. He is inky black as the other pictures on this page show.

At 11 years old, Allegro is still going strong. He has a laid-back style and stride. He is entertaining and lovable. He is enthusiastic about agility and tugging, and has developed a list of antics to get his people to play with him.

If you have ever observed the guarding spirit of a dam (pictured left below), than you know how brave and easy-going Allegro is (right). She is warning him with her eyes and body posture, yet Allegro takes it in stride for the sake of pleasing his masters who wanted the picture. This picture of Allegro is with his first litter of pups.

Allegro and Litter

UKC MBIMBS GRCH Romeo's Solo Del Belcanto Allegro was awarded multiple Best in Multi-Breed Show honors in 2007 at shows in Southern California.   Along the way, he earned his Grand Championship title with the United Kennel Club (accomplished by winning 5 Champion classes). He is lovingly owned by Julie Borst Reed and Kirk Reed (of Tiara Poodles). We cannot thank Julie and Kirk enough for their willingness to allow us to use him with our Bear, the product of that breeding being our sweet and precocious Ruth.


Allegro Full Body

Allegro at Sunset

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