F'CoCo Franca

Owned by Rae at PawPaw Grove Farm.

Breeder Comment for CoCo's Cardiac Result

OFA Record

This comment is from Rae, Moshe's breeder, about CoCo's (Moshe's dam) Equivocal cardiac result (shared with her permission):

"When I got CoCo at 5 months of age, she was from France and was just bone. The foster parents had not fed her. When I took her for her echo, the cardiologist found a slight Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) WITHOUT Regurgitation. He felt it was not hereditary but from the starvation. There were no hereditary problems found. He felt it would never cause a problem."

Here's something I (Lori) uncovered during my research. While thisĀ scientific article discusses MVP in humans, I believe it transcends to our canine friends as well. I was particularly interested to read the 4th point under "Key Points" on page 889, the first page in the preceding link (i.e., Rarely, MVP is associated with serious complications, but recent data show that, in the absence of mitral regurgitation, it does not increase the risk of arrhythmias, stroke, or sudden death).

Also, page 891 (the third page in the preceding link), 2nd column, last full paragraph, could support Rae's vet's suggestion that it was due to starvation ("MVP is associated with thin body habitus"). The real point of that paragraph, however, is meant to support a genetic link to MVP in thin people from thin families; and with that, I feel even better because, while CoCo's MVP may have been triggered by starvation, logic dictates that (in her case) a genetic, skinny link is not there. (CoCo was thin when she was starved in foster care, but skinny is not her natural build. She has substance now that she is fed regularly, AND she has nice-sized dogs in her line.)

Here's a picture of beautiful CoCo after a swim so her entire shape is evident. She is NOT skinny now; neither is our adorable Moshe.

Beautiful, wet CoCo

CoCo Sitting




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