UKC CH "Kimber"

Brief Biography of Kimber:

UKC Conformation Championship Title

DOB 2/23/09

Height 21 inches; Weight 35 lbs.

PennHIP 0.38 left and 0.48 right laxities, with no radiographic evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease (50th Percentile).

NE Clear

DM Clear

vWD Clear by Parentage

CERF Clear

Thyroid Normal

OFA Verification (CHIC 63827)


DNA Coat Color: BBDDee

(does not carry brown or the one dilute gene DDC is able to test for)

10-Generation COI: 5.1% per the Poodle Health Registry (PHR) and 3.22% per Poodle Pedigree. What is COI?

15-Generation COI (full pedigree for 11 generations, then some holes): 8.7% per PHR. What is COI?

% Wycliffe: 21.44% per PHR. What is % Wycliffe?

CH Kimber is the product of some of the nicest reds in America.

CH Kimber is proven to have a high level of intelligence and is such a calm and loving girl that we would not trade her for all the tea in China. If she were larger, she probably would have excelled in hunting, but her smaller size and shorter snout, has not allowed her to carry waterfowl easily.

She is a wonderful companion and will contribute greatly to companion poodles. In our house, she has been nicknamed "Kitty Cat," because she will rub her head, extending to her neck, then body, against us (whether on our lap at night or just on the ground). She is a very affectionate girl.

CH Kimber is among the first in our pack to greet strangers who come to our home. Her inviting spirit and color incite threats of theft if we turn our backs (all in jest, of course).

CH Kimber earned her UKC Conformation Championshp on 2/21/2010 (around the time most of the pictures shown left were taken), with 6 competition wins over the weekend. She is a true asset to our breeding program.

Kimber's coat has faded since these pictures were taken, but she is still a beautiful dark apricot.

Kimber has been rehomed as we are no longer breeding reds. She has found a loving home at Siena Standard Poodles.



CH Kimber 1 Year Old

Kimber Resting

CH Kimber 1 Year Old


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