Recommended Standard Poodle Breeders:

If we don't have the pup you are looking for, please contact the following breeders. Each of these breeders stand behind their dogs.

  1. Susan Cook of Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.
  2. Lynn Parker of Siena Standard Poodles.

Books for basic obedience (recommended by our Puppy Purchasers):

Free eBook:

Crate Training (make the crate a good place to be):

Raising Puppies to be Brave:

Richard is a self-taught retriever trainer who first read Richard A. Wolters Game Dog and Water Dog books, then used Evan Graham's Smartwork program before moving on to his current favorite, Bill Hillman's Training a Retriever Puppy.

Dogs of the 1920s (All Nations):

Food: Food Bowl

Dog Food Advisor: Dog Food Reviews

Too Much Protein?:

Dogs Digestive System Genetically Geared for More than Protein:

Food Allergies or Food Intolerance: Dog Food Advisor


Breeds and Temperament:

Coat Color Genetics:

Diverse Genes Impair Viruses:

Diversity Defeats Disease:

Diversity to save the breed:,

Geneticists' Plea to Expand Dogs Allowed in Registry: While this was written to the Poodle Club of Canada, the same issues exist here in the United States (and everywhere in the world).

Genetics Education: Canine Diversity Project

Genetics Verification: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Health Clearances: Essential or Irrelevant?

Institute of Canine Biology:

Leptospirosis Vaccine:

Poodle Health Registry (PHR):

PHR Database:

Purebred vs. Mutt:

Tear Stains:


Hunt Clubs/Dog Trainers/Pet Friendly Hotels: If you are looking for a professional to train your puppy, locate a retriever club in your area and attend a training day. Professional trainers oftentimes attend these training days, providing you the opportunity to observe their interactions with dogs under their care.

Copper State Hunting Retriever Club: Arizona Retriever Club

North American Hunting Retriever Association: National Hunting Retriever Club

Northern Arizona Obedience Dog Trainer/Behaviorist (uses Cesar Milan's methods): Leader of the Pack Corporation

Raising Puppies to be Brave:

Western Arizona Gun Dog: Arizona Retriever Club

Pet Friendly HOTELS:

Medical Info Links:

American Veterinary Medical Association :


Early Spay/Neuter (the whole story):

Early Neutering May Affect Onset of Hip Dysplasia. Study by University of California, Davis and published 2/13/2013:

Garlic for Flea and Tick Control:

Poison Control Center for Animals: 24-Hour Assistance 888-426-4435 or click here

Where Do Dogs Come From?

Pet Products at Wholesale Prices:

Mendota Products :


Ryan's Pet Supplies:



American Kennel Club:

International All Breed Canine Association:

United Kennel Club:

Breed Standard & 9 Things you May Not Know About Poodles:

Breed Standard:

9 Things You May Not Know About Poodles


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