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Maybelle, CHIC

Maybelle's grandma is from France and her grandpa is from Russia and both are very outcrossed (meaning they are genetically rare within our breed). To add to that diversity, Maybelle’s sire is an import from England. Maybelle is a quiet and very serious dog, unless she is outdoors. She loves to "hunt it up," whatever the target of her hunts are. She is sweet and loving, and is a great asset to our family. She is a gentle giant (26” tall at the shoulders--which is tall for a standard poodle female). According to UC Davis’ Genetic Diversity testing, 92.8% of tested standard poodles are unrelated to Maybelle, making her our most diverse dog. She is one of the few poodles left from the old, founding Canen lines of poodles. Canen was a popular 1953-2012 kennel in France that bred browns before adding apricots to their lines. Maybelle is a descendant of some of its original browns. The top and bottom left pictures were taken on 7/30/2018 after being completely shaved with a 10 blade (except her top knot). You can see that, even naked, she is beautiful. Hannah is her daughter. Maybelle’s OFA Verification (CHIC 122717) UC Davis Genetic Diversity Results
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