MHR, WR, SR "Misty," WC, JH, WCX, SH, CHIC

Brief Biography of Misty:

Flashing Bullet Misty Photo Album Flashing Bullet

NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever Title

Poodle Club of America Working Certificate

AKC Junior Hunter Title

Poodle Club of America Working Certificate Excellent

AKC Senior Hunter Title

NAHRA Working Retriever Title

NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever Title

DOB 4/20/07

Height 23 inches; Weight 47 lbs.

PennHIP 0.55 left and 0.45 right laxities, with no radiographic evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease. At 7 years of age (when this was written), she can still move like the wind!

NE Clear by Parentage

DM Clear

vWD Type 1 Clear by Parentage

CERF Clear

Thyroid Normal

Coat Color DNA: BBEe (does not carry brown; carries the cream/white gene)

OFA Verification (CHIC 52943)


Misty's mom and daughters, Nat'l/Int'l CH SR Bear, WC, CGC, and Int'l CH Cali are CHIC'd, meaning they have had extensive genetic testing done on them, and passed all tests.

Misty was DNA tested by UC Davis. The University identified 33 genetic markers for each dog (66 total genes as there is one gene from each parent per marker). Misty's genes will be compared to those of other tested poodles, allowing us to choose the most diverse mate for her (Moshe is on the list). Diversity is said to strengthen immune systems, furthering the improvement of health within our own program and our breed. The University's test also includes markers in the Dog Leukocyte Antigen (DLA) class I and II regions, which regulate cellular and antibody immunities and are carefully weighed in our pairings.

In addition to providing Misty's marker numbers, the following paragraphs indicate the frequencies of those markers in tested standard poodles.

1) DLA I Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate cellular mediated immunity): 1002 (20.4% frequency in Standards) and 1004 (10.7% frequency in Standards).

2) DLA II Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate antibody mediated immunity): 2001 (58% frequency in Standards) and 2002 (10.7% frequency in Standards).

3) 23 out of 33 possible gene pairs are different in Misty's parents.

4) 17 out of 66 of Misty's possible genes have a frequency of less than 20% in Standard Poodles.

Misty is our foundation dog (mom to Bear and Cali). Misty has a great personality. She is very social, sweet and loving with us and with strangers, but don't let her sweet nature or her smaller size fool you. She is incredibly smart, is an excellent marker, and has proven to be a very hardy hunting dog.

Not only has she achieved several hunting titles and certificates, but she is skilled and focused enough to have earned a 4th place award at the Western Arizona Gun Dog's Big 5 Singles Event. Seventeen dogs were entered in the event, held on 11/06/2010, which required 3 land marks and 2 water marks. She scored 95, out of 100 possible points. Only the Top 5 dogs received awards (see picture bottom left). You will notice in the lower, left picture that she is sitting behind Richard. That is because the photographer asked all of them to move closer and snapped the picture before Rich could release her (how great is it that she remained at sit until released).

We truly enjoy watching her work. She has great mouth habits and does not even leave a mark on birds or other objects she retrieves. She is a GREAT hunting dog in both skill and temperament, all the while remaining a valued member of our family. We just could not ask for a better dog than Misty.

In 2012, Misty completed her AKC Senior Hunter title as well as achieving her North American Hunting Retriever Association Master Hunting Retriever title, making her the 3rd poodle in history to achieve that level of proficiency--our Titan is the 2nd. (To read a brief statement about what is required of a dog to attain a NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever title, click here and scroll down to The Senior Category.)

(It is important to note that NAHRA differs from both AKC and HRC in that they sponsor field trials which require the dog to pass trailing, quartering, and sit-to-the-flush tests, in addition to the land and water marks/blinds required in AKC and HRC hunt tests. Thus, receiving an advanced title with NAHRA really says something about the dog. Poodles are unable to compete in field tests with AKC because they are not in the Sporting Group.)

Misty achieved her first AKC Master Hunter pass at the Poodle Club of America's Regional Event in Portland, Oregon on 9/21/2013. Our non-dog jobs and the timing of her heats have once again delayed further progress toward this title. (Because dogs are off-leash, girls in heat are not allowed.)

Misty Big 5 Collage by David Cantor

The collage above was a gift from David S. Cantor Photography. He did a great job on it!

Misty has produced pups that are amazing in temperament, including three certified service dogs. We have no doubt she, herself, would have been a skilled partner for the disabled.

We are so in love with "all things" Misty that we have chosen to keep two of her pups, Nat'l/Int'l CH SR Bear WC, CGC and Int'l CH Cali.




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Misty at PCA Regionals 9/2013

Misty at PCA Regionals 9/2013

Misty Returning Duck

Misty Returning Duck

Misty Retrieving Duck

Misty Sent to Retrieve at Big 5 Competition

Misty & Other Big 5 Winners