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About Moshe

Moshe's dam is a French import with no known genetic health problems for 6 generations. His sire, Elvis, along with some of Elvis' littermates, were imported from Russia as pups and no known genetic health problems have arisen in any of them. This fact should help the breed tremendously (and add diversity to future Harmony Mountain poodles). Both of his parents are OFA certified. Click to see the results of his sire's tests and his dam's results. You will note that his dam received an Equivocal on her cardiac test. Click here to read Moshe's breeder's explanation for it. Moshe himself had an echocardiagram (by a Cardiologist) and was found free of congenital cardiac disease. His results are posted on OFA's site. Moshe has a nice, long pelvis, which provides necessary rear power in a working dog; contrary to the short and somewhat flat pelvis shelves seen in many of today's show dogs. He has many other conformational assets, but working fronts and rears are disappearing in our breed (and in our sport). These are qualities we can't afford to lose. That said, I feel it is important to not only mention their importance, but to reinforce our commitment to considering these assets in our breeding program (with health and temperament reigning supreme in our decisions). Moshe is a sweet boy who leads the pack in love, play and discipline. Moshe’s OFA Verification (CHIC 106126)
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