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About Noah

Noah is a wonderful blend of old Russian, old black and brown Leatherstocking (not the apricot/red Leatherstocking found in so many poodles today), and old Jamalai, making him one of the most diverse males which can be found in our breed today. In fact, according to UC Davis, 86.59% of standard poodles are unrelated to him. While our excitement over his diverse make-up could cause me to write an entire page about that, it is just as easy for me to talk about the loving boy that we call family and friend. He is a dog that you just want to squish because he is so adorable inside and out. He loves being outdoors, doing whatever Rich asks of him, but he also loves curling up on our laps at night. He is a highly-valued member of our family. Noah’s OFA Verification (CHIC 107262)
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