Harmony Mtn Ruth, CHIC

Ruth Checking Out the New Grooming Room

Brief Biography of Ruth:

22" tall and 40 lbs

PennHIP 0.48 left and 0.52 right laxities, with no radiographic evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease.

Neonatal Encephalopathy Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy Normal

vonWillebrands Type 1 Clear

CERF (Eyes) Clear

Thyroid Normal

Coat Color DNA: BbEe (carries brown and the cream/red/apricot gene)

OFA Verification


Ruth was DNA tested by UC Davis. The University identified 33 genetic markers for each dog (66 total genes as there is one gene from each parent per marker). Ruth's genes will be compared to those of other tested poodles, allowing us to choose the most diverse mates for her. Diversity is said to strengthen immune systems, furthering the improvement of health within our own program and our breed. The University's test also includes markers in the Dog Leukocyte Antigen (DLA) class I and II regions, which regulate cellular and antibody immunities and are carefully weighed in our pairings.

According to UC Davis, 64.5% of standard poodles are unrelated to Ruth, making her extremely diverse.

In addition to providing Ruth's marker numbers, the following paragraphs indicate the frequencies of those markers in tested standard poodles.

1) DLA I Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate cellular mediated immunity): 1002 (20.0% frequency in Standards) and 1005 (5.6% frequency in Standards).

2) DLA II Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate antibody mediated immunity): 2001 (60.5% frequency in Standards) and 2003 (9.2% frequency in Standards).

3) 28 out of 33 possible gene pairs are different in Ruth's parents.

4) 27 out of 66 of Ruth's possible genes have a frequency of less than 20% in Standard Poodles.

Ruth is daughter of our National/International CH SR Bear, WC, CGC (granddaughter of our MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH). You can read more about Ruth's wonderful mom and grandma by clicking on their links.

Our selection of the laid-back UKC MBIMBS GRCH Allegro (Ruth's dad) as a sire for Bear came about with an eye toward health and temperament first; then we looked at other desired traits and determined that he was a perfect match for our happy, energetic Bear. (Allegro's sire was imported from Belgium and his dam was carefully bred to have low inbreeding. Allegro was almost 10 years old when he was bred to Bear. He is still healthy, lively and fertile as of this writing. We believe all of this is attributed to the care his owner took in producing his litter. It is that same level of care we took to breed Ruth and her littermates.)

Ruth shares both her parent's happy, loving natures, which combined with her diverse pedigree, should result in wonderful, healthy pups from her in the future.



Ruth Sitting Nicely While Grooming

Ruth Playing 11-28-15


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