Brief Biography of Titan:

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NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever Title

Poodle Club of America Working Certificate

AKC Junior Hunter Title

Poodle Club of America Working Certificate Excellent

AKC Senior Hunter Title

NAHRA Working Retriever Title

NAHRA Master Hunting Retriever Title

Height 25-1/2 inches; Weight 70 lbs.

PennHIP 0.56 left and 0.52 right laxities, with no radiographic evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease.

Elbows Normal

NE Carrier

DM Clear

vWD Type 1 Clear by Parentage

CERF Clear

Thyroid Normal

SA Normal

OFA Verification (CHIC 56328). Several of Titan's ancestors have also had extensive genetic testing done on them, also verifiable on OFA's site.


Titan was DNA tested by UC Davis. The University identified 33 genetic markers for each dog (66 total genes as there is one gene from each parent per marker). Titan's genes will be compared to those of other tested poodles when we do a last breeding with him. Diversity is said to strengthen immune systems, furthering the improvement of health within our own program and our breed. The University's test also includes markers in the Dog Leukocyte Antigen (DLA) class I and II regions, which regulate cellular and antibody immunities and are carefully weighed in our pairings.

In addition to providing Titan's marker numbers, the following paragraphs indicate the frequencies of those markers in tested standard poodles.

1) DLA I Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate cellular mediated immunity): 1002 (20.4% frequency in Standards) and 1003 (15.3% frequency in Standards).

2) DLA II Haplotypes (proxy of genes which regulate antibody mediated immunity): 2001 and 2001 (58% frequency in Standards).

3) 23 out of 33 possible gene pairs are different in Titan's parents.

4) 21 out of 66 of Titan's possible genes have a frequency of less than 20% in Standard Poodles.

Am/Can Champion Pinafore Diamond Boulevardier (Titan's sire) and Tiara (Titan's hunting mom) together met all of our requirements for parents of a foundation sire for our kennel (we aren't really a kennel, but a home). We couldn't be happier with the product of that breeding, Titan.

Titan is a fun-loving, warm-spirited dog who masks his intelligence with play. Despite his playful nature, he can be quite serious when expected to be. This fact allowed him to achieve his Master Hunting Retriever title with NAHRA on 3/17/2012 (he is only the 2nd poodle to have attained this level of proficiency with NAHRA). This title qualifies him for NAHRA's Master Hunter Invitational in May 2012. We are honored to have received the invitation. He passed on 3/18/2012 too (one more pass than was needed) in hail and snow. Great job, Titan and Rich! (To read a brief statement about what is required of a dog to attain a Master Hunting Retriever title, click here and scroll down to The Senior Category.)

Additionally, Titan was the 24th Standard Poodles to have achieved AKC's Senior Hunter title since the Poodle became eligible for hunt tests in 1998; and is the 2nd poodle in history to have achieved NAHRA's Working Retriever title. (It is important to note that NAHRA differs from both AKC and HRC in that they sponsor field trials which require the dog to pass trailing, quartering, and sit-to-the-flush tests,, in addition to the land and water marks/blinds required in hunt tests. Thus, receiving an advanced title with NAHRA really says something about the dog. Poodles are unable to compete in field tests with AKC because they are not in the Sporting Group.)

Every hunt test we attended, we frequently saw people filming or taking pictures of our boy (most in disbelief that a poodle could do what he does). The joy people get from watching him inspired the publication of one of his pictures in NAHRA's 2010 calendar (see below). We LOVE him!

Titan is Featured on NAHRA Calendar

Titan is on NAHRA's 2010 calendar, "why?" because, as the caption below January's pictures says, "he can do the job."

Titan is now retired from hunt tests and our breeding program. We did collect semen from him before retiring him. We will have a litter from him sometime in the future.






Titan Returning Duck

Titan Looking for Command

Titan Retrieving Pheasant

Titan Using his Nose at a NAHRA Test

Titan Sitting to Whistle





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