Harmony Mountain Retrievers


NO PUPS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE:  Our next litter will be from Maybelle (expected to come into heat August-September).  Noah is a a possible sire (they would have 50% browns and 50% blues), but we may use an outside stud.  Keep checking back for more info. OLDER GIRL AVAILABLE:  We will be placing Ruth for a $350 fee (includes the cost of spaying which occurred 8/12/19).  She is 5 years old (born 7/9/14) and is a sweet, smaller, but very well conformed girl.  She is a house dog, but loves to run on our property during walks.  She must be picked up; we will not ship her. Please note that I do not respond to emails or phone calls unless we have available or unsold planned pups.  Family (human and canine) are most important to us when we don’t have pups available.  You can send an email and we will respond when we do have a pup available or upcoming.  Thank you for your understanding. If you are wondering why you should choose one of our pups, please read our Why Us page. When selecting dogs for our breeding program, we consider the following, in order of importance to us:  1) Temperament; 2) Diversity/Health of the Lines; 3) Working Instincts; 4) Working Structure; and 5) Color. DEW CLAWS & TAILS:  We no longer remove dew claws as doing so does not support a performance dog (read this and watch this). Additionally, we no longer dock tails (read this). Our dogs definitely use their tails when swimming, so tails have a very real and significant purpose. VISITING OUR HOME:  Encouraging awareness of the attributes of our breed is our goal; and while we want to respond to each and every person who emails us, we have many obligations that oftentimes keep us from doing that in a timely manner; like family, jobs, training, hunt/field tests, etc. In fact, unless we are planning a litter or have pups on the ground, we oftentimes are completely unable to respond to inquiries about our pups. All of that said, we understand people's desires to stop in and meet our dogs as they travel to Utah (buyers have a right to assess temperament, health, etc. of the parent dogs whose pups they are considering purchasing). However, time dictates that we cannot currently accommodate these travellers except on severely limited days (and generally only on Sundays because of our jobs and our desire to honor the Saturday Sabbath). DIVERSITY: We have made a large investment in the diversity of our breeding stock, and that isn't because we believe that dogs with high Wycliffe (whose genetic makeups are found in the largest percentage of standard poodles) are bad. Quite the contrary. We believe that all purebred poodles are necessary to correct the damage done through intense inbreeding. The reality is that even some of the diverse lines we have been blessed to find are inbred, but they are inbred on dogs from different DNA makeups (read about UC Davis’ Diversity Testing), which has allowed them to create diversity in larger numbers of standard poodles. Breeding to "different" dogs is the key to restoring balance within standard poodles and lowering the frequency of certain diseases, etc. We are committed to that. While written by a cat breeder, this article discusses inbreeding's effect on the immune system. It is our hope that it will help you to understand why we have sought out the dogs currently used in our program and why breeding for color has become very unimportant in the scheme of things. Health (and temperament) must come first.