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As of this writing, Hannah is a day shy of 5 months old (born 1/10/2018, with pictures on this page taken 6/9/2018). She is the daughter of our Maybelle and Hugo, a large brown male who lives in the United Kingdom.  Hannah has a lot of well researched and sought after ancestors; those that were brought into our line for the sake of diversity. In fact, according to UC Davis’ Genetic Diversity testing, 81.2% of tested standard poodles are unrelated to Hannah. Hannah has ancestors from America, France, Russia and the United Kingdom; most are large, well-built dogs.  Hannah was born a fireball and at 5 months old, that label still fits.  She loves to swim and would fetch all day if someone could devote that much time to it. Richard is working to channel her energy into a hunt title. Keep watching for updates. Hannah’s OFA Verification UC Davis Genetic Diversity Results
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