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Current Litter

Born 7/10/21 at Windwood Farms in Beamsville Ontario (near Buffalo, NY).

Jazz (pictured above) Opal (Pictured above; with Jazz in the water picture) Some pups are pictured above. Click here for genders, colors and markings. Jazz and Opal delivered a litter of 11 puppies on 7/10/21 in Beamsville, Ontario (nearest international airports are Buffalo NY. Toronto and Hamilton Ontario). Opal and Jazz produced some fun marks on the pups (click here for genders, colors and markings). The black pups may turn blue or silver as adults (blues and silvers are born black. It is also possible that they will stay black based on Jazz’ color). Jazz, top row of pictures above, was bred by us (son of Noah and Sky). His owners say he is built like a tank and is the smartest dog they have ever met, with a bit of a defiant streak. Opal is the tri-colored parti shown mid-row above. She is a super gentle, intuitive girl who wants to be a lap dog. Outside she is a ferocious hunter of rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs etc. Both parents have passed all genetic tests (and more) required for certification by the Canine Health Information Center and have also been tested fpr genetic diversity (via DNA testing through UC Davis). Their results were entered into BetterBred and this pairing is classified as a Category 10 breeding (meaning the parents are “unrelated”). The resultant litter summary and copies of their genetic health tests are available upon request. Our hope (and the hope of many other breeders) in using the tools given to us by UC Davis and BetterBred is that we can improve the health and vitality of our breed. We bred Jazz and he is proof that it works. Opal and Jazz’ pups will have both their dew claws and their natural tails. If you are interested in learning more about this litter, please contact Richard or Sandra at Windwood Farms.