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Planned Litter

Maybelle will be bred to Enzo on her next heat with pups expected around February



        CKC and U-CH BPIG Enzo CGN, NC, AC, PTA and Maybelle will be bred probably November-December 2018, with pups due January-February 2019.  This will be a diverse litter, verifiable through the DNA tests performed by UC Davis and compared in Better Bred’s database.  Enzo and Maybelle have enough genetic differences to meet our goal of helping to improve the health and vitality of standard poodles.  Enzo is a patient, kind dog who lives in Canada.  He is a perfect match, in so many ways, for our gentle giant, Maybelle.  Enzo’s PTA, NC and AC titles are nosework titles which require the dog to locate a specified smell within one of several containers; so he is an excellent tracker. We are expecting an all brown/cafe au lait litter.  While Enzo carries the cream gene, Maybelle does not, so it is impossible for her to produce cream, regardless of who she is bred to. Genetic test results are quantifiable on OFA's site for Maybelle and for Enzo. Maybelle’s  pups will have both their dew claws and their natural tails.