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Current Litter

One Maybelle and Noah boy is available (born 11/28/2019; ready to home 1/23/2020+).

We have one male available, shown below (born on Thanksgiving, 11/28, and ready to home 1/23 and after). The brown male scored mostly 3/4s and an average 3.61. He is a very sweet pup, almost always the first to greet me in the mornings. He doesn’t have a crazy strong retrieve drive, but that could be nurtered with someone willing to spend the time training and rewarding him. He loves being with us and I have zero doubt he will make a great companion. Video above was taken 1/19/20. Maybelle and Noah’s pups are genetically diverse, verifiable through the DNA tests performed by UC Davis and compared in BetterBred’s database. Noah and Maybelle have enough genetic differences to meet our goal of helping to improve the health and vitality of standard poodles. Noah is a strong, energetic dog with extreme stamina during the day and an ability to settle down nicely at night. He is a friendly boy. Maybelle is a gentle giant; truly a sweet, sweet girl. That said, Maybelle still loves mixing it up with our other dogs on the trails around our property a couple of times daily, so she is no couch potato. Genetic test results are quantifiable on OFA's site for Maybelle and for Noah. He has both his dew claw and natural tail.