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Planned Litter

Ruth will be bred to Noah on her next heat with pups expected April-May 2019 (with June-July rehome dates).  We will  only be able to ship pups on Delta from Cedar City, Utah due to the St George airport 5/26 through 9/29 closure (reconstructing runways) and forced weather embargoes from Las Vegas.        Ruth and Noah will be bred for the first time on Ruth’s next heat.  Pups are expected April to May 2019.  They could have a rainbow of colors in their litter:  black, blue, brown, cream and possibly silver. Pups will be slightly below average in terms of size (Noah is 23” and Ruth is 22” tall at the shoulders). Both are higher energy, loving dogs, that are able to calm down nicely in the house.  They are also super birdy dogs but have never been hunt trained. Ruth is the daughter of our National/International CH SR (Started Retriever) Bear WC, CGC and granddaughter of our MHR (Master Hunting Retriever), WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH. She is also daughter of the genetically diverse UKC MBIMBS GRCH Romeo's Solo Del Belcanto Allegro whose sire was imported from Belgium. Genetic test results are quantifiable on OFA's site for Ruth and Noah. Both parents have been DNA tested by UC Davis and their results have been entered into Better Bred.  The resultant litter summary is available upon request.  Noah is unrelated to 87% of standard poodles tested by UC Davis and Ruth is 72% unrelated to them.  Yet, they are also outcrossed from one another as best they can be while staying with the breed. Ruth's pups will have both their dew claws and their natural tail. If you are interested in a pup, please contact us.