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Sky is the offspring of Int’l CH Cali and Moshe, JH. Cali is the offspring of our two Master Hunting Retrievers, MHR, WR, SR Titan, WC, JH, WCX, SH and MHR, WR, SR Misty, WC, JH, WCX, SH. Sky is one of the sweetest poodles on the planet, with the added gift of loving to work. Sky loves being engaged and will retrieve anything she is asked to (she is a birdy girl). Her momma, Cali, wasn’t entered in hunt tests because she is my (Lori’s) dog, preferring to be my daily shadow (selfishly, I don’t want to lose my shadow, even for a day). Sky reminds me so much of Cali in her love of us, and strangers. However, she differs from momma Cali, in that she also loves the rougher, more active life Richard provides. Sky is average-sized in terms of Height (24" tall), and like both of her parents, she is heavier boned and has substance to her. As for Sky’s other relatives, grandma Misty (Master Hunting Retriever) had more heart than most large dogs when it comes to a desire to work and please. Grandpa Titan (Master Hunting Retriever and a larger dog at 26" tall and 70 lbs) not only loved to work, but has a pedigree filled with beautiful, well-championed dogs. He is retired and enjoys cool mornings under his favorite Juniper tree. Sky’s OFA Verification UC Davis Genetic Diversity Results
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